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At ER Consulting and Roof Management, our complete range of services enables us to provide everything you need as a property owner, property manager, or facility manager to take care of your roof inventory. Whether your portfolio entails a commercial, industrial, institutional, or multi-family residential roof or a combination thereof, we can help.

Roof Management

Knowing the condition and life expectancy of your roof portfolio is a critical component of managing your company’s assets. Our online management program indexes your roofs for priority repairs and maintenance and it provides real-time visibility of your portfolio. Our goal? To help you make informed decisions that help you save money. Learn more>


As experienced roof observers, we conduct thorough inspections throughout the lifetime of a roof asset. The typical reports we offer include:

  • Roof Condition Assessment: to evaluate composition of the roof, determine maintenance needs, and approximate remaining service life.
  • Job Progress Inspections: to observe and record installation practices of roofing contractors on an ongoing project.
  • Final Inspections: to evaluate the completed scope of a project and qualify it for warranty if applicable.
  • Reinspections: to document performance of recently completed roof areas and identify potential warranty claims – typically completed in 2-3 year intervals.

Design, Specifications, and Contract Tendering

When your roof asset has reached the end of its life, or you are pursuing new construction, our knowledgeable team can help you determine the right roof system that considers your desired performance and budget.

The construction and application of each building, whether commercial or residential, informs which materials and/or manufacturers may be preferred. This extends all the way from the deck to the covering, knowing not all materials are compatible nor do they perform equally in all climates.
One of our goals when specifying a roof replacement is to reuse undamaged layers of the roof assembly, typically insulation and ballast. Not only does this save you money by reducing replacement insulation and labour for tear-off and disposal, but it also reduces the amount of material that ends up in the landfill.

Once the specification is complete, our team will submit a Request for Proposal to trusted contractors in the roofing industry. Our team will help you navigate the process of qualifying bids and awarding the contract.

Project Management

From concept to completion, we provide project management services for roof replacement projects of all sizes. Our work is on time and on budget. This suite of services (Design, Specification, Tender, Inspections) allows you to take a hands-off approach to replacement, with the confidence a professional will make decisions in your best interest.

Moisture Survey

In partnership with a small design company, ER Consulting has developed a non-destructive moisture scanner that is able to detect moisture beneath the roof covering. This tool aids in determining the extent of moisture damage on a roof area and which layers of the assembly should be torn off at replacement. On site, we use our practiced strategy of SCAN, MARK, and VERIFY.

Part 1: SCAN
Our proprietary field scanner allows our team to quickly determine areas of concern for further investigation. We scan the entire roof area, using our handheld scanner in hard-to-reach places. At this stage, we may already be able to deduce that the roof has failed.

Part 2: MARK
Using our field scanner or handheld scanner, our team identifies the areas where moisture is detected. We mark these locations on the roof area so repair/replacement teams are informed. At this point, however, it will likely be unclear what caused the moisture ingress.

Part 3: VERIFY
After marking the areas of concern identified by our field scanner, our team will verify the extent of the moisture ingress with a moisture probe or core cut. This part of the analysis will aid in determining which layers of the roof assembly have absorbed the most moisture. This process will also give clues as to whether the moisture is present from infiltrating the roof membrane or by another means, such as condensation of moist air. From here, we can classify the problem area as WET or INT (intermittent), and collect the information into a recommendation report.

Our recommendation report will provide a site plan identifying the areas of moisture detection, and the findings from the verification stage. Also included, are photos from the survey and recommendations on whether to proceed with repair or replacement.

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